Rotary Lobes 40 - 41

Here is offered a rotary mechanism .This mechanism inclusive two dentate lobes which are  created from a solid orb  body.
These two lobes are mated with a unique angle. The number of teeth on the lobes are differ by one. In this art one lobe has 41 teeth and another lobe has 40.
The teeth are abut at least in a line. Embed the mated lobes in an appropriate housing, 41 cells are created. While the intern engaged lobes rotating around their axis, the instantaneous abut lines do not expire in the hole of rotation and teeth-cells act as rotating piston-cylinder.


lotustavana circleProviding positive displacement unit.
lotustavana circleThe ratio of DDC on TDC volume is about 105 ul.
lotustavana circleSmooth rotation and no jerk and shake phenomenon.
lotustavana circleThe unit may be embodied as a compressor, pump or engine.

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