Rotary positive displacement Compressor-pump 4 - 5

 Here is offered a new rotary compressor .This device inclusive two dentate lobes witch is presented  with the name of rotary lobes 4-5. The device is a rotary positive displacement compressor. The compressor comprises 5 rotary cells created with two mated dentate lobes. The compression process is polytropic  nigh to isotherm because the heat generated throw compression simultaneously removed by a heat exchanger which is placed at the discharge bore.


lotustavana circleDeliver compressed gas up to 60 bar with single stag.
lotustavana circleCapable oil free operation.
lotustavana circleControl able flow rate with constant pressure.
lotustavana circleControl able pressure level with constant flow rate.
lotustavana circleSmooth rotation and low noise creation.
lotustavana circleCapability to design in vast range of capacity.
lotustavana circleCan be easily change to pump-compressor for liquids and two phase flow (gas & liquid).

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